Corona Virus - Studio Shoots and Viewings

We very much regret that we will not be able to conduct any studio shoots or viewings for the foreseeable future.  Should you possess a voucher that has yet to be used, please contact us when restrictions requiring 'social distancing' have been lifted - if we are still trading, we will honour the voucher even if it is past its expiry date.


Our portrait photography studio in Bristol

At Black Iris Images, we are experts at getting the most out of a portrait photography shoot to produce images that you will treasure.  From the relaxed, informal, family or child session, freezing a moment in time, to the intimate mother and daughter shoot, capturing a precious relationship, you will find that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the images you want to keep.

Our approach

Our approach is to be relaxed and informal; putting people at their ease is key to obtaining beautiful images.  We allow a full hour for a portrait session, so we never hurry you along.  We always offer a pre-shoot consultation, so that we can be certain that we understand your needs.  We do most of our portrait photography in our well-equipped studio, but we are happy to hold session 'on location', whether the location is your home or, for example, some 'gritty' urban architecture.


Our portrait shoots start from £30 for a 1 hour session in our studio and include an 8"x6" mounted print.  We will never put you under any pressure to buy any other products.  Should you choose to buy any wall display products or prints (most people do!), you will be offered a range of products that are keenly priced and beautifully finished.  Instead of 'packages', which we feel could lead to our customers buying products they don't particularly want, we offer a substantial discount for large orders.

Horatius and Rose 152

Wall Display Products

Our fabulous wall display products include Acrylic, Alumini, Float Frame, Edge Print, etc.  Our prices for our most popular sizes are:

16"x12" - £220

20"x16" - £270

30"x20" - £400

Unframed Prints

We offer a huge range of sizes.  Prices for our most popular sizes are:

8"x6" - £30

8"x10" - £45

15"x10" - £70

16"x12" - £95

20"x16" - £150


Order 6 products of any size and type and receive a 25% discount.

Digital Images

Buy 20 High Resolution, edited, digital images for only £300 (or £40 per individual image).

Would you like to know more?

Are you ready to let Black Iris Images bring your vision to life? Drop us a line and let's get started.

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